External Modules

Jet modules will very soon support running modules written in any language, both those written in dynamic languages -- such as python, ruby, or even in bash -- as well as compiled binaries.
All that is required is that they read a particular format of JSON input on standard input and can emit JSON when they are finished running on standard output.
More details on this will be shared soon once this feature is available in Tech Preview 2. Modules will be invoked with an '!external' tag, like so:
- !external
use: your_module_name
asdf: 1234
jkl: "foo"
Modules will be loaded from any role subfolder named "jet_modules/" or also in the --module-path given on the command line or the environment as JET_MODULE_PATH.
Coming Soon
This feature is will be included with the "Tech Preview 2" release. No direct workaround is available at this time, but files may be moved with 'copy' and then run with 'shell', including JSON files you want to use for input.