Installing From Packages

Installing From Source Is Encouraged
As Jetp just made it's very first release (Tech Preview 1 on September 29th, 2024), you may want to consider following the development branch and Installing From Source - releases are expected to occur approximately monthly, so you may be missing out on features and bug fixes that already exist on the development branch. For release information see Roadmap, Status, and the Blog.
We always want to make the development branch very stable -- so there's no problem with following along with the development branch if you like. If you are not following along with chat, and even if you are, many new development features will be announced on the Blog as they are added.

Rust Packages

Once Rust is installed (see instructions under Installing From Source), the latest jetp release can be installed with:
$ cargo binstall jetp
this will install the jetp executable into ~/.cargo/bin.
$ which jetp
$ jetp --version

Native OS Packages

For the current release, official OS packages (RPMs, debs, etc) endorsed by JetPorch are not yet available. These may be available in the future.